No More Front Seat Arguments


“Why don’t we just stop and ask someone where it is?”
“I’m not stopping. I’m sure it’s just down this way?”
“If you’re so sure, how come we’ve driven down the same block three times?!”
…and so on.
Sound familiar? I’m sure that at one time, you’ve been on one side or the other of this familiar front seat argument. It can get quite heated and end pretty badly for both the driver and passenger. Oh…and the poor kids listening in the back seat! Someone save us.
TomTom to the rescue. Last year TomTom showed up as a stocking stuffer on Christmas day. My husband was a gracious gift receiver, as always, smiling and thanking the giver. I knew that as soon as he got home, the little GPS thingie would end up in the garage with last year’s TV-radio-flashlight novelty, right next to the special golfer’s desk lamp that actually has a little guy putting when you turn on the light.
However, TomTom was more in the electrical gadget category than novelty item, so my husband began to play around with it. Next thing I knew, we were driving around the neighborhood testing TomTom’s ability to recalibrate its directions when we purposely turned the wrong way. Just a second…hold on…there you go! TomTom gave us a new set of directions almost instantly and didn’t even yell at us for being idiots that couldn’t tell left from right.
Well, hubby was impressed. A few weeks later, he had the need to find the closest UPS store to his location and TomTom became his night in shining armor. Package mailed in time. Crisis averted.
So back to the front seat arguments. We just don’t have them anymore. My co-piloting responsibilities are now limited to holding TomTom (which I don’t really have to because we have a cool car windshield mount where TomTom can sit comfortably). I’m fine with that. And while stopping for directions or consulting a map would have seemingly emasculated my dear husband, relying on GPS devices for cars is just dabbling in electronics…totally manly. 

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